Why choose Scafell?


Quality and consistency

Our fine organic chemicals are consistently made to very high purity by qualified, experienced, practical chemists who are skilled at safely managing highly-reactive chemical groups

Flexible, bespoke service

We welcome requests for non-standard product specifications, and our activities will often be tailored to meet individual customer needs

Short lead-times

We’re well-practised in working to tight turnaround times and will always go the extra mile to deliver – helping our customers optimise their own production schedules

Highly-skilled, qualified team members

Our warehousing and repackaging services, place us in something of a niche position, with trained warehouse personnel working alongside technically-trained production chemists

No job is deemed too minor or too demanding

We are highly competent at handling hazardous chemicals, including air and moisture sensitive materials, and are willing to take on smaller and more difficult jobs that other operators are often unprepared or unable to service

The importance of communication

We pride ourselves on keeping customers frequently informed and recognise that in many cases, our customers entrust us with their own reputation, which we work hard to protect and enhance

Problem-solving advice

Whether it’s guidance on developing optimised synthesis pathways or recommending appropriate packaging solutions for any given product, our approach is always to reach a solution

Friendly, ‘can-do’ attitude

Honesty and integrity are at the heart of our values and we operate professionally but always with a “can do” attitude and in a friendly and open manner